5 Types of Roofs to Consider When Choosing a Roof for Your Building

Every building has a roof, and every type of roof serves a different purpose. The following are the most common types of roofs that you’d want to know about when choosing a roof for your building:

  1. Gable roof

Gable roofs are the typical roofs that form a triangular spot where two pitched sides of the roof meet. These roofs are quite common since they are easy to build, inexpensive, and can be applied to a wide selection of house designs.

  1. Hip roof

Hip roofs have slopes on all four sides that meet in a ridge in the middle of the building, forming a peak at one end where they join. Since they have 4 sides that are supposed to meet to form a ridge, these roofs can be more complicated to build. They are, however, a better choice for snowy and icy regions.

  1. Flat roof

Designed to keep rainwater out of buildings, flat roofs are exactly what they sound like – a roof with no sloping sides. These roofs are, however, not 100% flat. They are slightly sloper to facilitate the flow of run-off water. Due to the design, flat roofs can handle more weight compared to other roofs.

  1. Shed roof

Also known as a lean-to roof of skillion roof, this roof is more like a flat roof, but with a greater pitch. It is commonly used with other roof styles or as roofs for additions to a building.

  1. Butterfly roof

This roof type utilizes a modern and aesthetically unique v-shape design that makes the roof appear like a flying butterfly. These roofs are a great choice if you have gone with contemporary styling for your home.

Their design allows for the installation of larger windows and an easier collection of rainwater, as long as the roof is well-maintained. Even though they are beautiful and functional, they are expensive to build and maintain.

To sum up,

Gable roofs, hip roofs, and flat roofs are very common roof types that work well in most regions. However, if you need a specific type of roof due to climatic or aesthetic preferences, you can always consider other kinds of roofs. Be sure to put your budget into consideration as well.